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Full Version: Acer 4620z Possible to change bios for different cpu?
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Have an Acer 4620z Extensa. Came across a T9400 cpu on ebay fairly cheap and figured I'd try to bring some new life to an older laptop.

When acer sold this laptop it came in 2 different versions, with an Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T2310 or a T5750. I was able to upgrade from T2310 to the T5750.

T2310, 1.4ghz 1mb cache 533bus
T5750, 2.0ghz 2mb cache 667bus

I had tried the T4300, T4500 and a T9400, none worked. It looks like the bios is locked to the t2310 and t5750 cpu. Is a bios mod possible to allow other cpu? The cpu I would like to use is the T9400 SLB46 2.53GHz

Phoenix Bios: V1.33
Link to bios:

I did find this link on another forum a bios mod for the laptop, not sure if this does what I need it to?

Is more info needed? Thanks
From aida64
[Image: zDFeFwd.png]

Couldn't find out if there was an easy way to find the microcode for the t9400 cpu I want to use so I put it into an old dell laptop I had.
[Image: b5gh.png]