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Full Version: Bios mod for overclocking options and memory options dell inspiron 530
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Hello again Guru!! Been a long time since i've posted but once again I am in need of help!
I've got a Inspiron 530 stock. So far I managed to find your guys page on the bios mod for it and downloaded and installed it.
Amazing bios mod by the way guru's! Plus 1!
I am running raid 0 with a reseated cpu, 3.5 gbs of ram, high performance fans and a dedicated video card. Windows 7 64 bit installed 100% successful. The setup is awesome for a original gaming computer but the cpu is seriously lacking even with the optimizations implemented.
I am in desperate need of overclocking options and memory options to be unlocked in this bios. The original link on that forum does not work (aka the experimental version). And yes I know of the bsel mod, have done it a number of times on older boards but I would extreamly rather have overclocking options.
Thank you guru's for your time once again and I hope to hear from you soon!
Sean McCargar