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Full Version: [Request] QX9650 SLAN3 on Asrock Conroe865PE
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I would like to run my QX9650 Stepping C0 (SLAN3) in an Asrock

Conroe865PE motherboard. Tried with the latest beta bios, 1.72,

but no post. It does post with a E7200 cpu, though. A link for

this last beta bioses is here:



A motherboard with official support for my qx9650 SLAN3 is Asrock

4core1333-eSATA2 with bios since P1.10 from here:

Any help will be much appreciated.
kind regards,

edit: links repaired Smile
well, 2 news:

the good one - i managed to insert the needed patch into conroe865pe latest bios. Even double checked it.

the bad one - obviously, slan3 is not working in this mobo. Must be the cpu detection routine.. Sad
Hey. How is it going? Managed to get the QX9650 to work on the Conroe865PE?
This motherboard doesn't support CPU with FSB=1333 Mhz.