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Full Version: [Request] Asus P5Q Pro bios CPU microcode updated to support Xeon E5450 slanq
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Not sure what else to do, need a P5Q Pro bios for my board running a 771 Xeon E5450, it's working fine, but post message about bios update is getting me down Sad

Thanks Big Grin
Used MMTOOL322 to extract the P6 Micro Code from doner bios, then opened the P5Q bios and replaced it's P6 Micro Code with the prior.

attached original, modded, and doner, works for me.
I need the same for a P5Q. I would be very happy if someone could do it for me. I got a E5450 E0.
Thank you very much!!!! working)))
Flashed modified bios but i still have message with please update bios Sad
P5Q PRO with X5460
Best regards
Make BIOS backup by Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0.
Show a photo of the screen with message with please update bios.
now i cant give u photo because im in work but system working without problem and only i have message when turning on computer or reset for 10 seconds with please update your bios to unleashed full power of the cpu or something like that

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