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Full Version: ECS CDC-I 64-Bit became 32-Bit after BIOS update, BIOS Hackable?
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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, however, here is my dilemma. I have several ECS CDC-I motherboards. These are Mini-ITX Atom boards. With the shipped firmware on the board, it supports 64-Bit Long Mode for Linux/Windows/etc... However, after performing a BIOS update (retrieved from ECS), the board states it no longer supports 64-Bit, and all OS's I try to install (or currently installed) state "Long Mode Not Supported" or something to that effect, and they do not boot. There are some bugs in the BIOS that are fixed with the new BIOS, however, I need the 64-Bit support. Is there a way to mash these two BIOS images together so we end up with an updated BIOS, at the same time as still maintaining the 64-Bit support?