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Full Version: How to upgrade BIOS Gateway M-1617?
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It's my first experience with Gateway (I prefer ThinkPads) and I'm absolutely confused now Confused Can someone explain me what's the matter?

Notebook M-1617
BIOS: 90.03 (09/27/2007) - I can see it in BIOS or obtain via dmidecode (yes, I like Linux)

There is a newer BIOS D906 and contains three files. One empty 6D06.WPH(0 B) and two exe files (both do nothing for me). I found out that Drayko was able to extract from it ROM and WHP files. (I'd like to know how Wink ) Nevertheless I tried to use it, thanks Drayko, but without result. I suppose I should to use Winplash utility. But the application froze during flashing (I used BIOS1.WPH file and log file is attached). What surprised me is how current BIOS was recognized (named) and it seems be the same as newer..
I tried to follow steps for similar computer - M-1625. It was little bit better - exe file extracts all needed files well. I stopped Winplash before flashing of course. But BIOS looks be the same again :-O (have a look at attachment PHLASH_9D05; I used this one Vista Recovery Disc).

I have a couple of questions. Is there newer BIOS for my motherboard or not? Is my procedure correct? What is the right name/version of my BIOS?
(I'm not the only one who have the problem with this kind of HW)