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Full Version: Adding Microcodes for Xeon to P5E-VM
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Hi guys,

As I am sure you are aware, there is a modification to install a Socket 771 cpu to 775 motherboards.

Fearlessly I became another user to add to the growing list for this handy mod.

My attempt is on a Asus P5E-VM HDMI, Bios v0709. With a SLBBA E0 X5460 Xeon.

I decided to also mod the notches into the chip with a dremal instead of risking socket damage. A cheap Xeon is easier to replace.

Added the pin swap sticker and completed installation. Heat sink/paste etc. Lets Go.

POSTed immediately, correctly identified the CPU- listed & detected the drives, then Halted with a "Unknown CPU and Over Temp Warnings" "Please upgrade you bios for full features"

Hit F1 to resume and Windows attempts to load but crashes immediately with a quick message and reboots.

For giggles I noticed, Oddly, it will boot a Linux "Macrium Reflect" Recovery CD perfectly.

I assume from reading much of this thread it is the lack of Microcode support despite sharing the 1067Ah CPUID of the Q9650.

My bios can be found here- direct linking doesn't seem possible, version 0709

At this point, I can only ask for help from you guys.

I get scared at the possibility that I might figure how to insert some 771 Xeon microcode- but what about checksums and ROM size issues.. do I have to pull out some other code for space?

I'd rather ask & pay an expert, and apparently this is also where you hang out!
Can someone modify my Bios please?
I rather like this motherboard and would like NOT to brick it.


Yay, I did it myself, thanks to a pointer to this page

I was already up to page 50... only 37 to go apparently., I needed 87.

For AMI bios the tool works like magic.

Cheers, and New Years too all!

I just finished sending you a PM about this! Smile Sorry I was late to the punch. We would greatly appreciate it if you posted your modified BIOS and the procedure you followed in our confirmed section.

Happy New Years!
Well, after completing the hardware modifications yesterday, and discovering the Bios problem.. I put the problem to bed and decided to read and post questions today.

The link offered was the solution for me, I used MMTool3.26 to load the three 771 bin codes provided by the poster "000000" contained in the provided.

I did the modifications on another working machine to the latest Bios rom file for this board from Asus and copied the finished file with patches to USB drive for flashing with on board EZ-Flash2.

The system is up and running performing its duties as a media center as usual right now.

Hope this helps.
This bios mod is to allow any AMI BIOS LGA 775 motherboard to support an LGA 771 processor right? or is there specificity?

I have the Award BIOS instead but what I mean to ask is if the CPU microcode that we are given to inject into our BIOS is microcode that will be compatible with every 771 processor?
I injected the LGA771 microcode to the 0709 bios. Flash on your own risk.
(01-17-2014, 12:44 AM)bail_w Wrote: [ -> ]I injected the LGA771 microcode to the 0709 bios. Flash on your own risk.

Thank you for creating the microcode file! It cured the stuck 98c cpu temperature reading in Speedfan. My mb is also an Asus p5e-vm hdmi board with a Xeon 5460 cpu.