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Full Version: inject Xeon microcode into Intel DG33FB
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This request is for an Intel DG33FB motherboard.

I was hoping someone could help me out and inject these microcodes for 771 support.
(half way down the page)

into this BIOS:

I was able to do this mod on an asus board, from the short guide above, but I'm not sure if this could be done to an Intel BIOS, I couldn't find any info on the subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I still don't think we have managed to crack into Intel Bioses yet (Although i may be wrong because i've been away from this site in a while)
Bummer, thats what I was afraid of. Thanks for the reply tho.
Phoenix Tool can open this file without any problem
(01-19-2014, 06:42 AM)Florin9doi Wrote: [ -> ]Phoenix Tool can open this file without any problem

The file I'm trying to mod is a .bio file. Is this possible with phoenix tool. I downloaded it from the modding tools section but it wouldn't open the bios.