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Full Version: [Bios Request] Microcode update/Asus U36S
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My Asus U36S has an i52410M with AES-NI function supported but disabled because of outdated CPU microcode in the BIOS.
I’ve attempted to update the BIOS myself following instructions found in internet, but no luck. Could someone help me?

It is my understanding that the CPU microcode is contained inside 17088572-377F-44EF-8F4E-B09FFF46A070_9.rom (I have used PhoenixTool 2.50 for disassembly), but I may be wrong. I also believe my CPUID is 0x000206a7.


CPU Microcode for Intel CPUs:*&lang=eng

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: I've eventually managed to do it myself, and it works fine. PM me if you look for that BIOS Smile.