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Full Version: HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3) Phenom II X4 support request
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Hi everyone,

I have the HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3) motherboard, and bought an AMD phenom II 965 (AM3 socket), but it is not compatible as it only recognizes cores of 800mhz.

I've seen this : but I suppose it doesn't add CPU support, does it ?

Could you please tell me, at least, if it's possible before I go buying a new motherboard (this one works perfectly and 50€ are not nothing) ?

Thank you !

UPDATE: (From TheWiz)
Despite past struggles, if you read my blog post and update in this thread, I have finally found an easier and more successful method. This BIOS will add all support for all current Phenom II proccessors and the AM3 proccessor line.

Sorry , but i cannot help with CPU Upgrade Mods.

Only TheWiz can do these requests and he's been quite busy lately with other things

Sorry about the wait , but you will just have to wait till he gets back!

Well John, welcome to the world of VERY tricky waters. AMD CPU upgrades are normally very tricky and may or may not work. From what you are describing of it only detecting 800mhz, it seems like it isn't initializing the P-STATES correctly. Replacing ACPI tables from a board with support MUST have the same chipset number 1. It will also help me to know if it sees it as the right proccessor, just the wrong speed.

The socket of mothbrd is AM2+ and the one from my new pross is AM3. But it's retrocompatible. It recognizes an "unknown processor"...

I'm really sick of having a brand new proc and cannot use it, if you can help... But maybe I'll get crazy and go to the chineses to buy a new mothrbrd.

Thanks for help !
Well, I have made you a BIOS with an unlocked OC menu (the oc menu will flutter on the screen, but it works) I have updated your Microcode Tables, AGESA, and MEMINIT.BIN.

If your proccesor still isn't detected, let me know, and well plunge deeper.

Thanks ! I'll try this... When I'll find a usb key. It is not possible to make it with a usb hdd, is it ?
(01-24-2010, 12:34 AM)Johnth Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks ! I'll try this... When I'll find a usb key. It is not possible to make it with a usb hdd, is it ?

If your system supports booting from a USB HD it shouldnt be a problem.

Basically anything you can make bootable and boot off it!

Trying right now to make a firewire hdd bootable, after have spent hours trying with a DVD and failed... If my computer explodes, I'll tell you
Id stick to a USB key?
? My english is not that good I suppose... I don't have usb key

I'm getting SICK of trying to make a DOS bootable dvd !! Tryed something like 10 iso images over internet, no one works, it's like there is no driver for cd reader and then I get "A:\>" ...

And I screwed up my firewire hdd : closing formating before the end was not a good idea I suppose...
Ok, bootable CD succeeded, I enter in AWDFLASH.EXE, type the name of your bios, and... Nothing happens, it keeps bliking : "Type the name of...."
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