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Full Version: [Bios Update] a8-4500m upgrade to a10-5750m
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Hi guys, I have been looking into upgrading my Toshiba L875D-S7232 with an a8-4500m to an a10-5750m. I already have the new processor, but as was expected the laptop would not even POST.
I was attempting to do this myself, but learning the Bios code and sorting through it seems too complicated for me. I was hoping someone would be able to help me out

The link to the Bios:

I hope someone would be willing to help me out here.

Sorry, forgot to put Request in the headline
Found an earlier request for same issue w/o any response. I also have purchased an AMD A10-5750M to upgrade my A8-4500m that is failing me in the NIC cards (wireless & LAN) processing internet & graphics.
Earlier Request link:

Link to Toshiba BIOS file for this machine:

BIOS: InsydeH2O
BIOS Rev. 3.7
BIOS Ver. 6.10
EC Version: 1.60

Link to info on processor at CPU

Willing to submit additional info based on request and instructions on getting that info. Have a txt file from CPU-Z, but was unable to upload. Plz advise how to get this info to you.

Symptoms with new CPU installed are: Black screen w/ no POST, Power LED only for AC adapter being connected, CPU fan running, and nothing else. I suspect code for cpu needs added to BIOS since Toshiba states they provide no CPU Upgrade support. New CPUID unknown, and unknown how to get it. My current research tells me this type upgrade has NOT been successful for anyone with a Toshiba Satellite.

Need this upgrade desperately since I need to nurse this machine through for at least 6 months! Thank you for all assistance!