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Full Version: asus m2n-mx se to athlon II or phenom II
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is it possible to add athlon II or phenom II support to this mobo?

in the asus support site i can see this "Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (CZ),2MB,rev.F3,89W,SocketAM2 " as best cpu..

here is link of my bios

i cant overclock my cpu, so im looking to buy a new one..
Well, right now there isn't as much support for AMD upgrading on the AMI platform, but I will check with some buddies to see how the 1B module is coming. In other words, its possible, gotta do some double checking. Do you have a particular proccesor that isn't working?

no, but i need an upgrade cause my athlon 1620le is old and slow ( cant overclock at all )
Spend money to buy a 6000+ whit 125W tdp is not so good..

im trying to get best performance increase whitout change mobo, cause i can find some used athlon II or phenom II for few euro..

thanks for your work!