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Full Version: Request: EVGA 790i Ultra Xeon Support
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I am requesting support for the Xeon E5405 (Harpertown) be added to the EVGA 790i Ultra motherboard.

BIOS Link:

What Happens: After removing my Pentium D and installing the Xeon E5405 it boots into Windows just fine. However, upon reboot I get post code "AA" on the motherboard display and no post at all on the monitor. I have to reinstall the Pentium D, let it POST, and then reinstall Xeon to get it to boot again. Same thing occurs if I install Xeon, and enter BIOS (instead of loading Windows) and exit with saving (even without changing anything). If I exit without saving it just reboots again like normal, no "AA".

AIDA64 Picture:
[Image: XeonE5405UpdatedMicrocode.jpg]

Processor: Xeon E5405
CPU Spec Code: SLAP2
Picture of CPU: [Image: GEDC00032.jpg]

Notes: BIOS P09 was chosen instead of P10 because P09 allows the use of 16GB of memory where P10 is limited to 8GB.
I have added xeon 771 microcode to the bios(It is a award bios).
It is cab be used 771 e54xx or l54xx c0 and e0 step cpu.(like e5450、e5440、l5420.....)
Try it !