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Full Version: Bios MOD for Asus P5KPL and LGA771(XEON) CPUs
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Dear members!

I've patched the newest(0805) version of ASUS P5KPL BIOS.
The modifications: LGA771 (Intel XEON) microcodes have been inserted to BIOS ROM file.
The microcodes:

I've checked my ASUS P5KPL motherboard with Intel XEON E5420 (4x2.5GHz, 12MB L2, 1333MHz FSB).
It's working for me, the BIOS isn't crying about unsupported CPU code, and naturally, I can overclock.
I don't take responsibility, try only at your own risk!

Asus P5KPL works with Intel Xeon L5240, now no errors loading.
But there is one problem, windows 7 clock began noticeably hurry, about 10-20 minutes per hour o_O
Has someone experience the same clock issue?
(06-14-2014, 07:07 PM)Vaako Wrote: [ -> ]Has someone experience the same clock issue?

Only time I experienced an issue with the clock was the the time not saving. Wasn't the typical CMOS battery issue either. Reflashing seems to have corrected it. But if you've done that I'd suggest that you reset all settings to default after making a note of them and seeing how you get on there.

Big Grin

Sorry to bump an old thread - but I was looking for a later version than 1003 and here it is Smile
Did you try BIOS from genius239 page? Version 0805 is latest for this motherboard, isn't it?