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Full Version: 8120 (125w) for Gigabyte GA-870A-USB3 (rev 3.1)
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Hi! I'm completely new to this forum and to the bios modding thing Smile anyway I got myself a 8120 for my GA-870A-USB3, it was in the CPU support list, didn't think much about it, and when I got it I realised it only supported the 95w not the 125w... (however it does support 125w x6 Phenom II and two other 125w Bulldozer CPUs so I guess it should work) soo now I wonder if someone could add this support for my board.

Lets see if I got this right Tongue
MB: Gigabyte GA-870A-USB3 Rev.3.1 (Motherboard ID 04/30/2012-RX870-SB850-7A66CG0FC-00)

Current BIOS:F5g (found at ) (Direct download )

Startup: Lights turn on and it makes long beeps with the speaker, thats it.

CPU spec code: FD8120FRW8KGU (8120 125w)

Donor bios: Asrock 870 Extreme3 R2.0 (Got same NB and SB) got support on version P1.50 and newer (found at )

[Image: NA5odHL.png]
bump, could someone please check if it could work, rly need it for a school project