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Full Version: toshiba a10 psa10L-024f4p
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good day bios gurus. please help mod an old bios, i can't even tell is its ami, award or phoenix:

toshiba satellite A10 S330 (about year 2004)

i have been reading threads on this forum and I am about to follow the RW utilities, SLIC Dump Tool kit as soon as i can my hands on them. I will post it if anybody needs it.

upgrade to dell 2.1 slic is greatly deeply appreciated.

many many multimillion thanks
This is a Requirement with Each Difficult Phoenix/Insyde Mod Request .

How To Create An RW Everything Report

Download and Install RWEverything from one of the following links:

Open RWEverything.

After RWEverything Opens, click ACCESS - ACPI Tables.

When ACPI Tables opens, click anywhere within the ACPI Window.

Now click CONTROL + F2 to save the entire table.

Save this Report to the desktop WITHOUT CHANGING THE NAME and either attach this file to

your post or upload it to one of the following: or or

If you upload your RWEverything Report to one of the 3 host servers above, post the download link of

your RWEverthing Report in the Post of your Mod Request.

Below is the preferred method in which to post your mod requests:

-Motherboard Model:
-Bios revision:
-Bios Type:
-Bios Download Link:
-RW Everything Report Download Link:

Toshiba A10 may not contain SLIC table, thus its BIOS may not be modified with Phoenix Tool. The tool can modify SLIC table from 2.0 to 2.1 but cannot insert SLIC table into a BIOS w/o it.
ACtually your mistaken , the tool can insert slic where there isnt any. The only time it can only upgrade 2.0 to 2.1 is with dell bioses

AMI and AWARD Tool can insert SLIC Table into BIOS but Phoenix Tool cannot.

[Image: U10.6707526_1_1.png]

The Error message occur while I try to modify BIOS of DELL D610 which is without SLIC Table.
You did read my quote???

You get the error with the Dell bios because , like I posted before , Dell bioses have to have an existing 2.0 slic table to be upgraded to slic 2.1. Any other Phoenix bios does not have to have a slic table to start with. So phoenix bioses from Toshiba , Lenovo , HP or anyone else that ISNT dell dont have to have a SLIC table already

That means DELL BIOS can be ONLY UPGRADE from SLIC 2.0 to 2.1 but CANNOT INSERT SLIC Table. Other brands CAN BE. Okie, I understand it now.
Yup Thats Right Smile