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Full Version: Pentium D 965 on Foxconn 945p7ac-8ks2
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Is it possible? I get a blank screen at start up. CPU tested good. foxconn wont support. Everything matches up as far as I can tell, VR command, FSB, TDP, stepping. Could someone try and put 0f64h microcode in my BIOS 598f1p22[attachment=6267] or tell me why it wouldnt work.
I have found this board with the same chipset supports alot more than my foxconn
This bios already contain 0f64 code.
Thank you for looking Genius239. I believe what might be wrong is the 600 watt dual rail power supply I put in where it should of been a single rail. I found an 8pin to 4pin to join the rails and am debating on that or another power supply.