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Full Version: Abit SA7 need prescott CPU support
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I have got an Abit SA7 V1.01 motherboard with Sis 645DX chipset. This motherboard supports Northwood 533FSB processors. I would like to use it with Prescott 3.46Ghz 533FSB CPU. Is there any chances for it?

Abit SA7 motherboard:

Abit IS7-E motherboard which is support Prescott 3.46CPU 533FSB CPU, but it have different chipset:
I will look into and get back soon.

Thanks, I hope you can make itRolleyes! I would very happy for prescott CPU support because this is the only one P4 motherboard which is support AGP 3,3V (3DFX videocard support).
Hey man,

I tried to extract your BIOS from the downlaod and it won't let me. Can you send me the actual CPU file.

Yes, I can send you the bios file. Please give me your email address, because here I cannot attach the file.

If you cannot make it prescott compatible, than could you add the microcode of mobile northwood 3.2GHz/512k/533 (sl77r) processor?
email: j0hns0ncj AT verizon DOT net
I could not recognize your email address but finally I could upload the bioses to here.
Ok just a bit more progress on this:

Ive extracted the microcode out of the Prescott supporting bios , but due to the much bigger size microcode file in the IS7 bios , theres not enough free space in the SA7 bios to replace the microcode!

The microcode in the SA7 bios is only 12k , where as the microcode i extracted from the IS7 is a whopping 56k!

We could possibly try removing a few modules from the SA7 bios in order to fit the microcode in bu i really dont think thats enough Sad Theres onl 2k of free space in the bios image , removing the current cpu microcode , the inbuilt antivirus rom and the logo will only give 22k of free space- not even half for the new microcode.

I dont know if TheWiz has any tricks up his sleeve for this but its not looking good Sad

This is a sad newsConfused.
Is not possible to use bigger capacity bios chip? or leave all the microcodes of the 800FSB CPUs, but add all 533FSB CPUs?
Actually may enough to add only the 0F41 microcode. As far as I know this is the mobile prescott CPU's microcode, these are working on 533FSB what the motherboard could handle.
Thank you for taking your time!
I will investigate this further Smile

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