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Full Version: [Request] T9500 in ASUS K50IJ
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Hi guys,

I've already posted about this in , however I think I'd better open a new thread with a possible Notebook + CPU combination in the title.

So, it is ASUS K50IJ, with BIOS version 218, and I'd like to have support for T9500.

Mobo & CPU info:

The mobo has a GL40 chipset. I checked the microcode list, and T9500 is in the list (0676). Could someone take a look, why it doesn't work and what is possible to do now? With the T9500, the notebook doesn't start at all. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount of reward for a tested & working BIOS.
OK, for the record, if someone ends up with Google here: it's been tested with v220 BIOS (from the BestBuy version) which worked with the motherboard, except WLAN, which disappeared. But, T9500 still doesn't work at all. No idea, why since the CPUID is there.

I scrapped the idea of this cpu upgrade.
I ll try the same upgrade as you 2 years ago. I ll keep you in touch about the results. I have exactly the same chipset and Southbridge as you.