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Full Version: Request - to know highest CPU support for ECS RC415T-M2
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Dear sirs,

I have a Synnex OEM mainboard - RC415T-M2, whose manufacturer is ECS, with the bios named RC415TM2.rom attached herein.

Question 1: Since there is sticker on the back of the board indicating that the manufacturer of the Synnex OEM board is ECS, I googled a bios for the board on ECS Korea websit --, which is attached herein named 08082007.rom. Kindly help let me know whether it is safe to use the bios for the OEM board.

Question 2: The bios of RC415T-M2 is made with AMI codes. I use MMTool to read it and get the CPU info but I don't know what it stands for. Kindly help let me know what the highest CUP supported by this bios is.

Your help and reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,