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Full Version: Copy logo from old OEM to latest Intel BIOS?
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MPC ClientPro 385 uses an Intel DQ965CO uBTX motherboard. The last BIOS version MPC released was 6000. The last BIOS Intel released for the board was 6100.

I'd like the MPC logo and OEM info transplanted to the Intel 6100 BIOS if it's possible.

Intel 6100 here

MPC 6000 here

I used the OEM XP test floppy and it couldn't find a match. Currently installing XP Pro so I can use RW Everything to get the current BIOS + OEM data. Having to do it with the hard drive set to IDE mode because it bluescreens with Intel's F6 disk for this board. Sad
Here's the AcpiTbls file.

Nobody? Sad
Tring this file ,running CO6100.exe to update bios.!X1hUhKyL!l6FRb0jtZUIe_...s8xARWet1E
MPC BIOS is 2,041,876 bytes
Intel BIOS is 2,178,452 bytes

I wonder if the Intel one will work? The board is Intel DQ965CO uBTX.

I've found Intel's utility for inserting a custom splash logo into their BIOS, but haven't found one to extract a logo from an Intel BIOS file. I can do it, if the tools are available.

A few years ago I gave an Award BIOS a makeover with an Aperture Science theme, logos and edited some of the startup text to make it like an AS workstation. Couldn't find a way to replace the EPA logo in that particular type, I wanted to put the AS aperture there. The OS was a nLite-ed XP Pro that was stripped down to have nothing it didn't absolutely have to have to run Portal.
You can inject image use "intel integrated toolkit" yourself.
(12-31-2016, 01:44 AM)genius239 Wrote: [ -> ]Tring this file ,running CO6100.exe to update bios.!X1hUhKyL!l6FRb0jtZUIe_...s8xARWet1E

That worked. First I used the tool that puts SLIC 2.1 into the BIOS that's already in the chip. Then I flashed the latest Intel BIOS.

Both the SLIC 2.1 and the MPC logo stayed, and I got some more options in BIOS setup.

How can I tell what CPUs the board supports now? Before flashing the 6100 version I tried a 3.0Ghz Core 2 Duo but it wouldn't boot. Officially the fastest it supports is a Core 2 Duo SL9ZF 2.66Ghz.

Intel's official list doesn't include any of the Core 2 series, despite MPC factory installing a Core2 6400.