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Full Version: Need i7 3612QE and QM Microcodes update for ThinkPad Edge E520
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Hi guys,
I just stumbled upon a new bios release for this machines. I ask you if you could please take a look and see which new microcodes Lenovo has added.

Here is the link to the bios:

And here is the changelog:
Quote:Version 1.26 (ThinkPad Edge E420, E520)
[Important updates]

[New functions or enhancements]
- Updated the CPU microcode.

[Problem fixes]
- Corrected the help message for enabling the microphone in the BIOS Setup.
Hello to everybody

I am owner of ThinkPad Edge E520 with i7 2820QM CPU which have 45W TDP and produce much of Heating for notebook cooler.

I find on that HM65 Chipset can support IvyBridge i7 3612QE which have 35W TDP so I bought it. Today

I try to install it into my notebook and my ThinkPad won't start so I back i7 2820 QM.

Can you update my BIOS image with 3612QE and QM microcodes and I will try again or give me instructions how to do it?

here is link of BIOS v1.26

Thanks for help Big Grin