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Full Version: Intel DG41MJ with Xeon L5420
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I have copied sentences below from

Hi there,

This is my first post.
Firstly excuse me for my crappy english.
So what is my problem? (other than that above)
I have an Intel DG41MJ motherboard, equipped with latest BIOS.
I bought for this a Xeon L5420 processor, with LGA771->LGA775 converter.
I have done the mod and it's working fine.
But there are some bugs:
CPU fan running only at full rev.
It is a problem, because I would like to use this MB for music listening mainly.
Processor is also running at full speed constantly.
Coretemp shows nonsenses.
According to CPU-Z it is lacks some functions like SSE4.1, VT-x.
Soft reboot not working at all.
I think these problems caused by wrong microcodes in BIOS.
But I can't find a solution for Intel BIOS.
Is there anybody who has a solution for this MB?

Kind regards,

I have modded the last BIOS, with fresh microcodes for L5420.
(see attached)
But I can't flashing it to the motherboard.
I have tried to make checksum for the new BIOS, according to the original, but it doesn't helped.
There is a link for available seven BIOS versions for this MB:

I have corrected my BIOS file MJ0008.BIO, but there isn't any success.
It is impossible to write it to the motherboard's BIOS chip.
I have tried several methods.
It was unsuccesful because of a simple CRC error in the modded BIOS file or anything, I don't know.
Any of the tries ended with an immediate reboot process.
Are there anybody, who has any idea?

I have changed modded BIOS file, it has now the same checksums, than original, no success.
Maybe because CRC not equal.
Or almost anything else.
There are plenty of different algorithms, I'm actually don't know, what to do.
Or there is something certificate in the bios, and this not let it to change.
There are some texts in the BIOS about it.
I have read something about it.
I have tried to update even the first MJ0002.BIO.
Only a quick reboot was the answer.

AIDA64 CPUID Screenshot
I have a wacky idea.
(You know, on other forum, my epithet is wacky. Smile )
But I have found there is a serial flash device on the DG41MJ, named MX25L8005M2C.
And I have a Willem programmer GQ-4X, which can programming it.
What, if I buy this chip, programming it with altered content, and solder it to the mobo, with new content?
Of course, it is possible that there are some checking routins in the bios, and mobo will vomitting a huge on it.

Any opinions?

Kind regards,
Gyuri the Wacky