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Full Version: IBM M52(8215-D6U) CPU update
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If is possible to update CPU microcode in M52 945G LGA775 mainboard BIOS.
I replaced p4 631 with a new E2140. But failed to power up.
The 945G mainboard should support the old Conroe Dual 2 Duo 65nm CPU.
So maybe the last factory BIOS not content the new CPU code.
The BIOS in attachment is $image2E.usf, can open by Phoenix BIOS editor directly.
Also could find BIOS in
THe attachment
If the board was released too long before Conroe was, there's a strong possibility that the board doesn't implement the required VRM changes that Conroe required. Core 2's won't allow themselves to start up without a special signal that only boards built to VRM 11.0 specs provide.

However, if your boards does have the proper VRM support for the Core 2's (and their derivatives) , then the guys here will get you fixed up.
As far as i know , most 945G can support 65nm Conroe after update BIOS.
(02-27-2010, 12:37 PM)wallaceunreal Wrote: [ -> ]As far as i know , most 945G can support 65nm Conroe after update BIOS.

This chipset DOES support Conroe, yes. But Intel introduced a new VRM spec for Conroe, and in order for a motherboard to support it with just a BIOS update it has to also have been built to VRM 11.0 spec. Most motherboards made before 2006 are built to VRM 10.x spec and will not ever be capable of running a Core 2 based processor regardless of whether the BIOS supports it.

At power up, Conroe looks for a signal from the VRM that only boards built to VRM 11.x spec provide. Without it, the CPU will refuse to power up and start executing instructions.