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Full Version: HP 945gct-hm Prosessor upgrade
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This is the first time I have ever seen this website and I'm very lost to tell you the truth. I was really hoping you guys could help me out tho. I currently have a 945GCT-HM REV 1:0B, And I was told I need to "upgrade/Mod" my bios in order to run a CPU better then an e4300. And body have any clue where I should start? The current bios has NO overclocking features from what I have seen. Thx
Is this a laptop? Lenovo, HP, Dell?

I mean AFAIK, I can upgrade my i5 to an i7, all I have to do is take the whole laptop apart and replace the thermal paste if necessary.
i Know that hp motherboard cannot be straight away upgraded to E4700 so...
Some people has upgraded hp board with ECS 945gct-m v.1 bios and have used E4600 prosessors on hp board. but can the -m bios be upgraded to e4700?

Original ECS board incl. latest bios

HP Board