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Full Version: EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI Xeon Support Request
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Hi all,

please could anyone put Xeon (5400 series) microcodes inside the latest two BIOS versions of the EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard?
P10: (or

Thanks a lot in advance

I have injected microcode into the bios you need.
You can try them.

Good luck
Awesome! Thanks a lot!
I will try after I got my EVGA 790i these days.
i downoaded the bin file but evega works with iso files burn with nero on cd  , i can't find a tool to flasch evega 790i ultra sli bios with a bin file , please can you tell me how to use the modified bin file  for updating my bios . Thank you
Read this -
It's Award BIOS
Thank you for your quick help !
i downloaded the tools and saved the tutorial , i will do it tomorrow
i tried to format usb stick (sandisk cruzer) with the format tool  but recieved after formatting soime time error and the stick is ruined
i tgried with another stick and same prtoblem so 2 sticks unaccessable and uin formattable , i see this is a windows 98 tool and i use windows 7 64 bit  is this the reason it not complete format succesfully and is there a tool to fix the usb stick cause windows format tool says the stick are inaccessable
thank you
repairing the usb sticks succeed with using system management in windows
but wonder why the usb disk format tool give error formatting
tried several times with different usb sticks and the keep saying 'failed to format ' i used the programm  in administrator mode (else it won't sart at all)
Try Rufus with FreeDOS option.
[Image: rufus_dos_install.png]
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