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Full Version: Shuttle SN78SH7 SN78S10U With Unlocked Virtualization And Overclocking Options
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[Image: 7801_0a932b37.jpg]

Shuttle SN78SH7 SN78S10U Bios

Following options enabled:-

Cpu Feature - NPT Vid Control (Voltages) , Virtualization , CPU-NB DID , CPU-NB FID , CPU-NB VID , CPU VID , Secure Virtual Machine Mode
Power Management - HDD Power Down
Advanced DRAM Configuration (Memory Overclocking) Options
Hi, would there be any chance of adding CPU multiplier adjustment to this bios or the most recent one, SN78S10Y? I've just stuck a Phenom II X3 720 in my SN78SH7...but cannot OC with multiplier Angry

Sorry but we are unable to add non existing options

(11-19-2010, 05:32 AM)1234s282 Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry but we are unable to add non existing options


I found the following post while searching for SN78SH7 and multiplier using Google:

Maybe it is present but hidden in the most recent bios?

I didn't want to mess around with this myself but hoped that a Pro' could handle it!
POST the latest BIOS you can find and well take a look.
(12-02-2010, 04:33 PM)TheWiz Wrote: [ -> ]POST the latest BIOS you can find and well take a look.

Whoops, I forgot about this! Here's the most recent bios from Shittle themselves: Wink
Hi guys, I also have a shuttle SN78SH7 , 4GB DDRII 800 Corsair with AMF Phenom II 965BE and Phoenix Bios Version : 6.00 PG Date : 07/09/2009 (SN78S10Y) GeForce 8200; Windows XP Home 32bit

System worked fine for 2 years with AMD X2 6000+ (Brisbane) gives with same above memory w/o any blue screen. After Bios update and upgrade to PhenomII 965BE the system give me in AUTO settings of Bios One blue screen per hour. Raising CPU voltage to +40mV and Memory to 1,90 V did not help.

BIOS does not allow underclocking FSB below 200MHz. So only solution is to underclock with using NVIDIA CONTROL Panel software the FSB clock to 190 MHz giving a 3.230 GHz CPU clock with a 17 mutiplier.

Using Hybernate mode I switsch system on and off without changing 190 FSB. At normal boot system blue screen ocasionally before loading the NVidia control panel setting FSB to the save 190MHz.

So questions for you guys is: Any BIOS crack available for the shuttle SN78SH7 with Bios SN78S10Y to underclock FSB to 190 MHz, or hints for setting memory timing to save values (I tried virtually all settings w/o help).

Your advise is most welcome.

br AMD-Fan