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Full Version: THANK YOU to whoever unlocked the HP DX2200 BIOS!
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Hi! Just wanted to give my thanks to whoever unlocked the HP DX2200 BIOS.

Other than the FSB multiplier and RAM clock settings not working, I found the rest of the features worth having (like the 10% extra PCIE slot current). My last motherboard--M2N68-LA IVY8's PCIE slot died for some reason, after a while of heavy gaming with the GT430 (a 50Watt card). After a while of gaming or heavy load on the GPU, it'll crash the whole computer.

If anyone else wants to flash their DX2200s, here's the link:

I'm willing to test BIOS mods for the M2N68-LA IVY8 boards, soon. It's bricked at the moment, so I'm waiting for my Raspberry Pi 2 to arrive so I can flash the BIOS via SPI headers present onboard.