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Full Version: QX9300 For Dell A29 ?
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Please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area, hope I'm posting in the correct forum.

I placed a QX9300 in a DELL M4400, but could not get past POST. Had to go back to T9400 to get past POST again.

I'm trying to learn whether the DELL A29 BIOS includes support for QX9300. Most information I read infers that this should be true, however I would like to see the proof.

I understand it should be possible to see a reference to the CPU in the BIOS ROM file as a "microcode". I understand the CPUID should be 01067Ah and core stepping E0 according to the S-Spec SLB5J here:

Could someone help point me to a method for verifying support for the CPU in the BIOS ?

Thank you