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Full Version: Toshiba Satellite A110 CPU upgrade/fan issue
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Hey there,

I've managed to upgrade an old Toshiba Satellite A110-162 (PSAB6E / UK Model) from a celeron M 410 (PPGA478) to a C2D T5200 (same socket etc). Everything works fine, boots up, bios is fine etc. Great. The board has an ATI Xpress 200m chipset. Bios is v.1.70 (XP) and is a Phoenix Bios.


Once out of the bios and into the OS (either on Windows XP/ or a linux live CD) the fan completely stops. Runs fine in the bios, dead once the OS boot procedure starts. Needless to say, things start getting hot pretty quick. The fan at no point comes back on, unless you reboot back to the BIOS/ start.

I can only assume that although the board and chipset allow the system to boot, there is some info missing or not present in the BIOS to allow the power management to work. I have considered it could be either ACPI info, something in the MISER.ROM or possibly missing info in the CPU UPGRADE module 'update.rom', concerning CPUID info.

I don't want to snip one of the power cables on the fan to force it on all the time. Could anyone more experienced than me with the phoenix bios editor try to track down where the CPUID info is held or whether there is a hidden 'fan' option that can be revealed.

Bios is the latest version. HERE.

or attached (BIOS). Is this a common thing with older Toshibas?

cheers for looking.