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Full Version: help add to acer aspire 5737z support the Intel Core 2 Quad q9000
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tried to flash Aspire 5737Z BIOS_1.10 MOD_Kizwan, through the dos and programmer, no changes in the BIOS did not happen
Hi, please dump BIOS here and i will update microcode for you.
Hi, sorry thats the exe update file. I need the ROM file. Run this tool and post file here:
it is impossible to make a backup, folder DOS in the archive that I threw the link is a file KALA0110.ROM it does not fit? the maximum that I could do it in a clean flash bios chip similar set programmer and the programmer is to extract it as a bin file
Microcode has been updated from Rev 07 to Rev 0B for Intel Core 2 Quad q****. (Newer)

Run flash.bat in DOS
Unfortunately processor and does not start, double-flash the BIOS, to no avail, thanks for the help
Oh dear

due to the BIOS having little padding I cannot ADD microcode, i'd have to replace it from an older CPU.

This can be done BUT there is a higher risk of bricking your motherboard.

Would you like me to do that for you?

Please bare in mind I am not responsible if the computer fails to boot.
please do, in case of failure I can rewire the BIOS chip to another native BIOS,even if the laptop goes down I'm not upset, no normal processor from him there is not any sense

You may try the following BIOS (at your own risk)

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