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Full Version: Asus A7T CPU upgrade Turion TL-64
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can anybody help me, to mod my ASUS A7T 803 bios with Support for
an AMD TURION TL-64? Normally there is a Turion TL-52 processor installed.

The Mainbard accept the TL-64 processor but the BIOS didn't (Notification "Warning: unknown processor revision" and POST stops).
You'll find the BIOS file in the attachment.

Thank you very much !



I investigated further in this case and i came to the following conclusion:

The Asus A6T or A7T only support the old 90nm Trinidad CPUs.
There are some CPUs like the Turion TL-64 which are available as Trinidad or Tyler version.
So i guess the Asus A6T or A7T only supports the older Trinidad ones, which modell number ends with "5CT".
I have a newer Tyler modell, which number end with "5DC" and is not supported at all,  even with a bios mod (?!)

So i guess only these 4 Trinidad CPUs are supported by Asus A6T / A7T :

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