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Full Version: Phenom II X6 support for Biostar TA790GXE 128m
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I have been trying to mod my Bios to support the Thuban processors, and I can't get it to work, so I'm sure you guys can help. Smile

So I have been using MMTools to update the CPU microcode (Agesa?) and everytime I do it and flash my motherboard it will not post and I have to use a flash drive to recover it.. I'm basically just using MMTools to extract the code from an existing Bios that supports the Thubans, and injecting it into my bios.

So I was hoping someone here with more experience could do it for me? If someone here would be kind enough to and I flash my board and it actually posts I will be glad to order a Phenom II 1055T and tells you guys if it works. Smile

Here is where the stock Bios is located: (78DFA120.BST)

Biostar China always has the most up to date Bios's, that's why I use them.

I tried extracting the info from the 890GXE but it did not work. I'm still trying to find a 790GX board as a donor..

Here is a bios from a 790GX that appears to support Thuban Big Grin
Hmmm... Well, AMI is definitely more tricky with AMD proccessor upgrading than award is. Tthe microcode table is NOT agesa, which stores the proccesor ID strings (not the same as microcode) It is very tricky, but it may be possible. Really though, the X6 should boot on your system, it will show up as unknown CPU but im pretty sure it will detect all the right settings.

I'm excited for my X6 rig too, but i will se what I can do Big Grin

Thanks for the reply.

I thought that it would work too without an upgraded bios, but I read a post on another forum. They said they didn't upgrade their bios before putting in their 1055T and it resulted in no post. So he had to put his 720 back in and upgrade the bios, then put the 1055T in and it worked fine.

According to MMTools the file that contains the Microcode is called "P6 Micro Code" as far as I know.
Im happy to report that due to recent advances we are now able to disassemble the ami 1b module which is where the AGESA lies. What ive done now is grabbed the microcode from a board that supports the 1090T and then disassembled the 1B module , replaced the AGESA with version which is required for all X6 CPU's and put everything back together again!

Try at your own risk!

good Luck!


I haven't purchased a Phenom II X6 so I can't test it, and I need a new bios chip for my TA790GXE 128M.

Although, if I can get the system to actually boot with the modded bios I bet it would work with the Phenom II X6 just fine. Smile

PS~ I don't know if I'm a little bit too late or something but the bios link doesn't work.
Sorry about that, he must of had an issue, as we always leave our mods up. I've notified him immediately.


Maybe theres an issue with how long the link is or something? The files still there