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Full Version: MA-770 UD3 Revision 1.0 need Phenom X6 support
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Hi, I have bought a Phenom II X6 1090T CPU

When I stick it into my mobo, it boots, but the BIOS reports back some "Unrecognized CPU" junk etc, I get into windows but it also doesn't recognize it

It works when I punch in the CPU Speed/Voltage/Multiplier, but I would like it better if with a bios update I could get it to recognize my CPU

Its a Gigabyte MA-770 UD3 revision 1.0 mobo, the revision 2.0 and 2.1 mobo's have the bios update with the AEGIS codes required for the 1090T, but I would like the support for the revision 1.0 as well

It works and all with my Revision 1.0 mobo, but I would like it to be recognized by my board
Ok well please give us a bios download link to the bios which you want support adding for and the bios download link for the bios containing the existing X6 support and we can see what we can do! Smile

Admin is the revision 1.0 bios I need modded contains the updated AEGISA codes
Try this at your own risk! Updated NCPUCODE and AGESA

Good luck!

Let me know the result