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Full Version: Asus p5q Xeon E5450
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I have an Asus p5q motherboard and upgraded my pc with an xeon E5450
But now i got an error message when starting the bios. It waits for 10 seconds and will continue and works just fine.

Is there a bios mod for this motherboard? The Asus p5q-E and P5q Deluxe found on this forum dont seem to work..

Here's a BIOS for you to try (at your own risk!) I added all the microcode from the Asus Z7S WS motherboard which supports the Xeon E5450

Let me know how you go with it!

Any chance you or anybody else has this file still? The download link is broken. At this point I am willing to even pay if somebody can get me working bios for my P5Q for my E5450 SLANQ