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Full Version: Asus p5ld2-vm and c2d
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Hello people!

I have a motherboard ASUS P5LD2-VM ver. 1.03g. Version 2.00g supports Core 2 Duo processors, this only dual core. I tried it to install BIOS 1401 14:08 date. which is the version 2.00G support C2D, but the installation is left earlier date, which is the version 1.03g. Is there a way to install the bios of 2.00g versions, or some other way to make support for the C2D processor?

I apologize if I put the topic in the wrong part of the forum. ThanksSmile
Both revisions appear to use the same BIOS, you'd just have to try it and see

Here's the latest non-beta official bios


That BIOS contains the Core 2 Duo support, if you put in a C2D and it doesn't work on the older revision then it probably won't work as Asus may have made physical changes to the board in the 2.00g revision to support the C2D processors