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Full Version: Acer L100 CPU
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Looking around it seems its been asked a few times but all links have expired so i apologize for another thread on this.

I have a Acer L100 and I want to upgrade the cpu which i have seen done. Does anyone have the bios to support bigger cpu's?#
it currently has the Sempron :/ But i gained the unit for nothing so i dont want to complain.

A better bios would be great, not sure if its possible but can more ram be added than the normal 2/4?


This was the thread i couldnt get the links from
Try this one at your own risk , I've updated the AGESA module and microcodes and added it to the latest version of the BIOS for your machine R03-B0. Technically, your system should now support most Socket AM2 / AM2+ X2 and Phenom CPU's , but your results will vary.

I have dropped a Phenom X4 HD9550 on it and there is nothing going on. Fans are spinning and heat is being generated but no lights or visual.
ahh sorry to hear Sad .......... confirming a successful BIOS flash though? Drop the original CPU in and let me know if it boots or not
it booted fine, and still works reasonably well. For its 1GB ram and 2.0GHZ Single core...

Any ideas why it wouldnt accept the other CPU?
Ahh , looks like the Phenom X4 9550 has a different CPUID , therefore a different microcode (which I didn't put in my mod).

Now I know which CPU your trying to use , I can take the microcodes out of the BIOS for a board that officially supports the X4 9550

Try this one (at your own risk as usual!)
with both the X4 9550 and your original CPU
Flashed successfully, and booted with original cpu fine. Tried the X4 and same thing as before.
(04-25-2015, 03:03 PM)Wildey1771 Wrote: [ -> ]Flashed successfully, and booted with original cpu fine. Tried the X4 and same thing as before.

Hmmm sorry I'm not too sure then!
Specifically, what should this bios support?