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Full Version: Failed to flash bios mod with DOS Phoenix UEFI Tool!
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Dear, I need your help to avoid the error of attached image, "Fail to authenticate image! (Phoenix DOS UEFI Tool)". In version Efi Shell Phoenix skip this error achieved by IDA Pro 6.6 with the following modifications ...

XVI32 Config 8Bytes (PFlashX86.efi)

Fail to authenticate image!
original offset 13A30 -> C0 74 17 68 08 85 00 00
modding  offset 13A30 -> C0 EB 17 68 08 85 00 00

imageDigest fail!
original offset 1EAD0 -> 74 10 68 DC BE 00 00 E8
modding  offset 1EAD0 -> BE 10 68 DC BE 00 00 E8

original offset 1EAE8 -> 00 75 10 68 AC BE 00 00
modding  offset 1EAE8 -> 00 BE 10 68 AC BE 00 00

But this tool do not work now because the device does not support or has locked the boot for UEFI reasons why I need to do with DOS application, someone give me a hand? I can not do it because apparently this encryption, finds no strings ...

Attachment applications for those interested in helping me and for those who desires to use this app.

Could you send me a link to your modded bios and i will check its integrity
Friend! this is the link to flash the bios, I hope you can help me!



PD: In some forums, this error is because mismatch "Region Map"
There was a checksum mismatch with the current image, I have fixed the checksum.

Please report back
How did it come to this so fast? You teach me how to do? Smile There any application to do?
Did it work?

I loaded image in UEFITool and Rebuild the image

Hello friend again! Your correction checksum failure made the change a little mistake, I attached a picture of the error! It can correct this?
Lets try a different way, use this tool in windows to dump BIOS via FPT:

Upload here
File not found or link incorrect!
Sorry my bad, try this one:
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