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Full Version: ASUS KFN4-DRE Shanghai support
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I'm looking at adding Shanghai support to this bios. Its not "officially" support on Asus website. I used mmtools to look at the cpu patch code for BIOS 1009. This bios doesn't seem to have the micro code for the Shanghai cpu's.
[Image: bios1009.jpg]
I downloaded a similar Asus board that had support and opened the bios. It has a few more entries for the Shanghai and Istanbul cpu's I assume.
[Image: similarASUS.jpg]
I compared it to the last Asus bios for the KFN4-DRE and found they added code for the Shanghai cpu's but not the Istanbul cpu's I assume. 
[Image: bios1010.jpg]
From what I have found online is Istanbul required a dual power plane to function were as the Shanghai and Barcelona could run on single plane boards. The thing is they don't list the board as working with Shanghai cpu's on there website. I have flashed the update and a modified bios to include even the Istanbul code with avail. The board just sits there with the, can't access memory light on. i have a bios code reader that just shows ----. Seem as though the motherboard is not even starting. The last update had "update agesa from to" is that a microcode update? Not sure if something else needs changing to make this work.

Here is ASUS links to download the bios.
Bios 1009
Similar Asus Bios
Bios 1010