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Full Version: Unlocked Bios R0162J6, Vaio VGN-AR21S - AHCI, 4GB RAM problems
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Hello to all forum users and users of Sony Vaio VGN-AR21S notebooks.

I'm desperate looking for halp for open/hacked bios ver. R0162J6 for my Sony Vaio AR21S.
It would be great and much helpfull for me.
I spend a many days on my AR21S to try install Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit into my vaio with 2x SeagateHDD included on the vaio mobo with permament swiched ON RAID mode.
The problem is what Windows 8.1 Pro can not run the installation boot on the Vaio AR21S with permament swiched ON the RAID0 / RAID1 mode.

Latest version of my bios is:

I would be happy if we could:
- Enable / disable the VT register
- Enable / disable DEP register
- Enable / disable AHCI
and most desirable for me option:
- Disable the RAID mode and instead be able to activate the mode SATA / AHCI in Latency, so that both drives were seen independently and separately on the windows system.
- turn on the possibility to add 2x4GB RAM

I dont know, maybe is it possible to open/show all Advanced functions on the bios menu ?

I found the cmos code like below:
VT REGISTER (0318) - [0001]
AHCI REGISTER (00FC) - [0001]
DEP REGISTER (031B) - [0001]
but I'm not sure if they are OK, because I'm introduced these moded changes into my cmos and dont see any effects.

I would like to add to my vaio 2x4GB DDR2-800MHz and 2xSSD 256GB Crutial MX100.
Vaio AR21S is very comfortable laptop with greate display, bur I'm desapoiting of Sony politics to close all important bios options ...... so I'm not surprised that they turn away customers from SONY.
The more that have very expensive equipment. My laptop cost nearly 3,000 euros when I bought it and is still great and sufficiently equipped for future windows systems.

I hope for your help.

best regards
Hello Robert,

Your BIOS mod is complete! The modified BIOS image can be found at the bottom of this post.

I have added a large INTEL Menu to the BIOS Setup Utility. In addition to this, there are now four new keyboard settings under the Advanced Menu. I have disabled the function that may have been hiding the linked 'RAID Configuration' setting.

Generic Warnings/Disclaimers:
Quote:Please remember to take proper precautions when flashing your BIOS. Even if the BIOS image is safe, the flashing process can still fail. Make sure that [if applicable] your notebook is fully charged (100%), that the power adapter is properly connected, and that the chance of a power outage occurring is as minimal as possible. Do not interrupt the flashing process. If possible, it is a good idea to have a working CRISIS recovery disk handy when flashing your BIOS. Use the flashing instructions for your particular computer brand. DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNNECESSARY!!!

I take absolutely NO responsibility for ANY damages that may occur to you, your computer, your personal belongings, your neighbor's cat, or any other personnel or equipment as a direct or indirect result or consequence of your, or any one else's, use or misuse of any of the files that are in this archive at the present or at any time in the past or the future. You assume full responsibility for any damages or inconveniences that may occur by choosing to flash, or otherwise use or misuse, this image or any of the other files within this archive.

Have fun! Smile

Please remember to post the results of the BIOS flash!

HASH VERIFICATION (DigitalVolcano's HashTool v1.1):
MDA5: d35fe7e08bfecc6b7e94b88648b6b177
SHA-1: 36a346347cbeb07fc8bdb645a215269dbc9194c0

Hello Steven,

Thank you so much for your so quick & great help. Will try to flash the bios at the evening.

But I need point what I always was try to flash my vaio the phlash16.exe runned from the MS-DOS USB says:
Error code -161 "Part table signature not fund in the interface"

So what do you thinh, don't we need place my vaio signature to the moded bios ?

My RW-Root System Description Table:

kind regards
Hallo again Steven,

I'm just tryed to flash my bios on a DOS mode using MS-DOS preppared USB and unfortunatly:

c:\phlash16.exe / x /s /force BIOS.wph

Error code -161 "Part table signature not fund in the interface"

if use Winphlash64 only error code is change for -103 (my OS is Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit)

Should not be the bios file named bios.bin or bios.wph ?

May you pls help me, dont it should be added my vaio ar21s signature / check sum ?

Hello Robert,

After school "tomorrow" (it's past midnight, so today), I will give you a link to a WinPhlash version that has helped with several similar Vaio notebooks. It may or may not work for your notebook, but it is definitely worth a try.

The platform data is already in the BIOS image.

Hello Steven,

Of course I understand and thank you again for your help.

Is this modified bios has some additional functions and settings for PAE memory and for graphics card - I ask in the context of the problems with 2x2GB DDR2 memory support.

Hi Steven,

I don't know if i'm lucky or i'm crazy Big Grin

My Vaio just phlashed and your moded bios R0162J6 is on board Cool
Now I can see all INTEL menu intside the bios. Thank you so much for your great work Wink

How I did it .... I just was used Winphlash included inside the official Sony Vaio VGN-AR21S bios instaler:

When I start it the first time showed a message that the bios is current and does not need to be updated.
Then run it again and while still on the screen was the message that the bios is current, run cmd command


then opened the %TEMP% folder window and indside the temporary folder created by Vaio Winphlash "pftC66B.tmp"

Inside the pftC66B.tmp were 4 files included official sony bios R0162J6.
Then swapped bios attached by Sony by your new moded bios called BIOS.wph.
After that I was run as admin winphlas.exe placed indside %TEMP% => "pft66B.tmp"
After 10 secounds the bios was flashed Idea

EDIT: the winphlash version inside Sony bios installer called as "Phoenix WinPhlash for VAIO ver. 1.4 Build 11100"
I did this on Windows XP 32bit, but on Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit run also.

Soon I will fund a donut in thanks for you Steven :-)

kind regards
Hello Robert,

You are welcome! I am glad that you were able to figure out how to flash the modified BIOS image, and that the BIOS mod was successful. Thank you for posting the steps you took to flash this BIOS image. Little actions of kindness like these can help a large number of people with the same - or similar - issues.

Thank you for the donation offer!

I am moving this thread to the Unlocked Phoenix BIOSes forum.

Hi Steven,

Im glad to help another users to solve they problems with flashing Vaio Smile
Donuts went out, thanks again.

About moded bios.
I must admit that I have bit trouble to decrypt what is what in Intel's settings.
This bios looks different from BIOSes that I ever knew.

- CPU Control sub-menu is still hide so can't check VT-x ON/OFF
- I do not see SATA AHCI settings. I would like to enable AHCI for my 2x SSD Crucials.
- I also have a problem to find and use the settings for SDRAM remap possibilities.

Generally, still I have problems to upgrade my Vaio to 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2-533.
I canuse max 2GB DDR2-533 + 512MB DDR2-533
If I install 2GB+1GB or 2GB+2GB then the bios sees 3GB but windows 8.1 do bot boot.
But interestingly, both 3GB and 4GB Win XP is booting but without a screen.
I am sure that XP is booting because I can hear the sounds of windows but the screen is black.
If I try to boot Win 8.1 64-bit can only oped Bios with F2, but Windows do not boot and laptop restarts again as soon as the VAIO logo disappears from the screen.

My problem with ram on Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit looks similar to this guy @gspeed on Linux:

so i'm not sure if the problems is depend because of 3/4GB RAM or GPU NVidia GeForce Go 7600 GT 256MB, or 32bit PAE on Intel i945PM ?

Can any body help me to an my Vaio (with Windows 8.1 64-bit) began to work 4GB of RAM ?

My Config:
Vaio VGN-AR21S
- Motherboard platform: NAPA
- Core 2 Duo T7200 @2.00ghz
- GeForce Go 7600 GT (256MB)
- 2x SSD Crucial 256GB
- 2GB + 512MB DDR2-533
- i945PM rev.03
- Bios R0162J6 unlocked by @Sml6397 for Intel menu


I have Sony Vaio VGN-AR21MR.
Could you please tell me how to flash BIOS? I have the same version (R0162J6) and I need a possibility to starup from flash and other Intell hacks...