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Full Version: M4A79XTD EVO update to AGESA
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It's an AMI BIOS
The latest version is 2001, which has AGESA

It does run the Phenom II X6's (I have a 1090T in mine now), but won't allow settings to be changed (multiplier, voltage, etc) - it needs AGESA to do that.

I've tried to see if I could mod it myself (extracted 1B module of this board and of the Crosshair IV Formula to see if I could replace the AGESA code with a hex editor), but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.

These are the 1B modules from my board, and the Crosshair IV Formula, as well as the one I've tried to mod.
this interests me greatly. Currently we are at a bit of a loss with AMI bioses that use an AMD processor. As the AGESA module is integrated into the 1B module, its difficult for us to replace (aka we cant!). Have you tried extracting the 1B out of a supported system that contains the updated AGESA and then replace it in teh existing BIOS???????? (You can use MMTOOL found on our downloads page)

However , this method is very very risky as the 1B module is an essential part. Only attempt if you are prepared for the worst and have recovery options available (See Bios Recovery Page)

Essentially I've just tried copying and pasting the AGESA code from the C4F 1B module to the M4A79XTD EVO 1B module in a hex editor, and at the same time, deleted some of the empty space after it so that the size matches the original.
I haven't tested it.
Can you do so and let us know how you get along? (PS Read the AMi recovery instructions first!!!)

New Version 2003 - Already has AGESA v3,7,0,0

We can actually perform these kind of mods now (still learning though) and i discovered the new AGESA when i was trying to mod!