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Full Version: ALiveNF7G-HD720p R5.0: Add CPU code
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Hi guys. I have an old ALiveNF7G-HD720p R5.0 (s.AM2) and CPU AMD Athlon II X2 250, which would like to use. I tried with MMTool to extract microcode from another BIOS and patched to the latest version of my BIOS but after flash the motherboard does not recognize the CPU. Its not damaged, because it still works with its old processor. Can you help me?
It probably requires a newer agesa version, but i recommend that you don't touch the bios unless you don't really care about the motherboard.
Asrock has removed bios recovery tool from bootblock, so there is no way of recovering bios in case something goes wrong.
Then, you will have to buy a new bios chip.