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Full Version: [AMI] How to get AMD FX/Family 15h microcode out of a donor bios? MMTOOL won't do...
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Hello out there,
after 20h of studying how to mod AMI-Bios (there is a lot of incomplete information out there) I don't know how to work on.

I've recently added AM3 microcodes out of 890GXM-G65 Bios V1.A to the Bios of my HP Touchsmart 300 via MMTOOL_3.22_1B_21Fix-BKMOD:

[Image: big66697273742d7472792e706e67.png]

I don't know why there where the AM2+ microcodes (1022) within the Bios V1.A of the 890GXM-G65 (it's an AM3 board just like my one but with AM3+ Support), I just took them because of beeing available there! Smile

The bigger problem is, that I can only use the Bios V1.A with MMTOOL for patching to microcodes,
if I try V1.D, which is needed for AM3+/AMD FX/Bulldozer compatibility, in MMTOOL there is only a pop-up telling me:

"CPU MicroCode Patch Module does not exist in ROM Image."

I've also tried ASRock 770DE3L & 880GM-LE FX, both with the same error in MMTOOLs.

After we've got the AM3+ microcode patch, we'll need to replace the P6 microcode, right?
How to?

If there is absolutly no chance to get the microcode patches, I've read anywhere about Linux-microcodes to be implemented into the Bios, mainly in context with Intel CPUs/MBs.
For AMD they can be found here: (microcode_amd_fam15h.bin?)
or here:
or here:

But how to implement that then...?

Why all that? First, the Touchsmart supports only 4(!) types of AM3 CPUs, I think it's because the coolers max. TPD is 65W. 2nd: available Dual-Core is to slow, Trible-Core gets to hot, will need to use an Athlon or Phenom II X4e-CPU for it. Better would be an AM3+ Opteron 3320EE with a TDP of only 25W(!!), this should be perfect for this All-In-One-Device!

I really hope you guys can help me.

Kind regards
APP78-CF (Jesse) don't support AM3+ CPU. It's hardware limits and can't be solved by BIOS editing.
I've removed the lock from this BIOS and it can use all AM3 CPU.
But this mod can kill this motherboard. I think that its integrated graphics can't use system memory with 1333 Mhz.