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Full Version: ECS GF8200A Vcore problem on AM3 processors.
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i cannot select the vcore option when my Athlon II X3 425 AM3 is in.but when my "old" athlon 64 3200+ AM2 is installed. the option to change the vcore is selectable. i tell support to ECS and this is the reply:

-CPU voltage will only be present in the BIOS when using an AM2 or Black Edition CPU.
With AM2+ and AM3 the CPU voltage will not be present if the CPU is not black edition.
There is no BIOS update to allow all CPUs to be adjusted.Confused

im using the latest bios...Please Help !!!

on my buddy M3N78-VM motherboard i can change the vcore on my athlon ii the same chipset but the manufacturer and motherboard are can be a locked cpu patch?
Hmm, actually I'm not suprised that they said that, but I believe that fact only applies to the multiplier. I did find hidden HT speed control settings, so if that interests you there's a start. But as for Vcore, I only see it in the PC Health menu, so I'm trying to confirm if its the readout you're missing or the actual option. ECS may be right though, since the standards have changed on all that since the original AM2, which would explain why your sempron can run it.

I unhidden that "HT option" already yet.i modded a little bit the bios.for more "stylish" option name.when i modify the CPU voltage in the image below

from 00 (disabled) to 01 (enabled) it shows the CPU voltage VALUE and the vcore on my athlon ii x3 425 is now selectable between 0.0800 to 1.550v but the vcore on PC Health shows it reads at only 1.050 vcore in any vcore option. when i put 1.500v i save the changes and it shows the 1.050v,on 1.475v.the same thing. my computer does not start correctly because of it and windows locks up on the "starting windows" screen . i clear the CMOS and start windows without save the changes on the BIOS to flash again with the original bios to work correctly.
the vcore works on 1.344v by default.
there are two options below:the AMD CPU Function (02CA) and (02CC)

in the manual says that when the user puts a AMD "Black Edition" processor the Overclock functionality changes.i only want the vcore option to overclock higher.up to where i know the ASUS boards can change the vcore on all AMD processors.the AMD's "Black Edition" has only a unlocked multiplier. i obtain change the voltage but it undervolt. Sad
i want to overvolt.Sad help me please guys...and thanks for the reply. :')