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Full Version: Lenovo T420 Ivy Bridge Support - i7-3540M
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Not quite sure if this is possible, but I figured it would be worth a shot at the least.

I currently have a Lenovo T420 laptop with a QM67 chipset, and a i5-2520M processor (which is replaceable.) There are few upgrade options possible, but these are restricted to Sandy Bridge processors (which quad cores are included but not recommended.)

1. The most recent BIOS was released in 2013 as "1.46," to which the entire executable can be found on this page: I have not tried extracting the actual BIOS out of the file though yet.

Interesting thing to note is that this BIOS updated the microcode list, but I have no idea if this includes Ivy Bridge processors (I honestly doubt it.)

2. I have not tried installing the CPU yet, but the usual symptoms for putting a Ivy Bridge processor is no screen output, but the computer does act like it boots up and halts. Someone did try this with a T520 in early 2013:

3. No AIDA installed, but I can include a screenshot from a page in CPU-Z if that helps. If necessary, I can try to get AIDA64 for this.

4. The actual SSPEC code for the i7-3540M (production version) is: SR0X6.

5. QM67 *might* support Ivy Bridge processors, and I vaguely mention one manufacturer allowing them to work (so I will need to hunt around for a donor BIOS.) So far, I am just finding dead ends.

6. As mentioned, this may or may not be possible. I have also heard that they are not compatible on the electrical level for power or signaling (so this may need more than just adding or replacing a microcode.)

If nothing else, I would be curious to see the full reason why Ivy Bridges were not allowed to be used in the older chipset.

Ask to Oleh He is very Expert on Lenovo Bios, so write to him a PM and He
will help You surely !
Thanks for the reply, I will do that then.
Here Is screen from CPUID:

Also attached is output from FPT_BACKUP-BIOS.exe. My installed bios is 83ET67WW (1.37 ).
I was able to get in contact with him, but he doubted that QM67 could support Ivy Bridge after all. However, that was not the major issue.

When I talked to him, he asked if I had a hardware flasher available (unfortunately, I have nothing that sophisticated.) He then noted that flashing Lenovo BIOSes was not possible unless done through a hardware device (so not via the software that Lenovo provides for their official BIOSes.)

Of course, it does look like you can update the BIOS through software, but only for the official versions. The hardware flasher may be required for anything modified (and thus, no longer becomes cost effective and I would be better off selling the laptop.)

If this is the case, no Ivy Bridge for T420.
Ok I will write to Oleh and give to him this Bios Mod version flashable from Windows
so He will unlock Descriptor and set all flashable from Windows then all will be more easy !
If it can be done, that would be awesome. Thanks!

Just noticed something:

This uses the HM67 chipset, and the article mentions adding Ivy Bridge support to it. Not quite QM67, but close. So, it might indeed be possible.
Hello, I have i5-2520m sandy bridge CPU in my rPGA988B (G2) socket T420. I want to get a better GPU and that's only possible with a new generation intel CPU which is any Ivy bridge CPU with HD4000 in it.

Is it possible?
Unfortunately, No. Your Chipset is HM65, Ivy requires HM76/HM77.
Did anyone ever find out more about this or if it is even possible? Still hanging onto the laptop out of hope (just in case.)
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