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Full Version: Shuttle Barebones X27 FM27S102 With Hyperthreading And Virtualization Options
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[Image: shuttle_x27-thumb-450x447.jpg]

Shuttle X27 FM27S102 Bios

Following Options Unlocked:-

CPU Feature - Thermal Management , TM2 Bus Ratio , TM2 Bus VID , Virtualization
Frequency/Voltage Control - CPU Clock Ratio

And Lots More!

How do you install the bios as awdflash and winflash both say that the is not a shuttle bios or that it's too big? Something to that extent. How did you install it?


You need to create a bootable dos disc , using either a usb drive (If your system supports it) , a CD , or a floppy (If you have one)

Place awdflash.exe and the bios file onto the disc , boot off the disc and at the DOS prompt type the following :-

awdflash.exe bios.bin /py /sn /cc /r Note there are spaces between py and /sn etc

Replace bios.bin with the filename of the bios file.