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Full Version: [REQUEST] MCP61PM-AD unlocked features
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so i got an emachines EL1320-01 in a garage sale last weekend, it has a motherboard  MCP61PM-AD Rev 1.0 and an Athlon 2850e

this link states that the board supports Phenom II / Athlon II and nForce 430 chipset (not 100% sure about it) it does seem to have a BIOS from August 2009 with the latest BIOS update for November 2009 (Thuban support?)

nvidia seems to call the nForce 430 MCP61 so no AHCI support Sad

anyways i am wondering if i can get unlocked features such as overclocking, also i originally was going to put an X2 5800+ in it, but if it supports Athlon IIs i might get a cheap Athlon II x2 instead, but still would like overclocking, what is the TDP limit?

also since it only has 2 memory slots is it limited to 4GB or can it go to 8GB via 4GB DDR2 modules.