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Full Version: Emachines D525 T7500 bios help
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Original installed processor was celeron 900. Tried out a T7500 and get the error 02F0: CPU ID: FB No Microcode Update Loaded for Alternate Processor. Can this be solved or do I have to use another processor.

The below link is the bios I am running. It's version 1.19.

Thanks for the help
Hello friend!!
I have try to help you out to inject micro code.
Here is download link:!n8J1lLCT!jmVD76hNbe...qvafFIGp9I

Please replace original bios file and try to flash it.
If it can't flash on windows environment,please use phlash16 to update bios within dos environment.

Good luck to you.
thanks, giving it a shot when I get home
seemed to update, but now I can't get into the bios with the f2 key at startup