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Full Version: [Request/Bounty] SUN X4170/X4270 CPU Support
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I have read everything I can about adding CPU support to a BIOS and have added what I believe are the correct micro codes but I can't for the life of me get this to work...

Situation: SUN X4170/X4270 1366 system, will only POST with 55xx series Xeon CPU's, Xeon 56xx series CPUs will fail to POST

dumped bios, used MMTool to import the new microcode files into the BIOS, flashed BIOS and NVRam using AFUDOS, cleared CMOS and it still will not post with 56xx series Xeons

if someone can help me successfully get the 56xx series xeons posting in these machines I will paypal you $20?

I am not worried about bricking the board since I can easily flash the bios back to stock using the onboard service processors web interface even if you brick the board itself