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Full Version: HP Slimline S5-1214 (Foxconn H61 motherboard) to accept Ivy Bridge i7-3770K
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"Requirements for request:
-bios link
-whats happens: I.e. It doesn't boot / it shows an error (which? post a picture)
-screenshot from aida64>motherboard>cpuid
-CPU spec code"

I have a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion Slimline S5-1214 which came with a Intel Pentium G850, and currently runs a Intel CORE i7-2600K.

- I've installed the most current bios from their website (AMI 7.16A, 3/23/2012):

- when I install the Intel i7-3770K processor (Ivy Bridge proc which should work with H61 chip-set motherboards if the bios is current enough), it refuses to post... just turns the LED and fans on (i.e. the power-supply is ok).

- My current processor is an Intel CORE i7-2600K (95W Sandy Bridge) with CPU spec code (pic included with CPUID shot): 1C5C
The target processor (which won't post with my current BIOS) is an Intel i7-3770K (77W Ivy Bridge) with spec code SR0PL (

Please help.